When the design of handmade jewellery is pure creation of art

What’s behind a jewellery store window? What do the designs of handmade jewellery such as those born in the atelier of Cervera Jewels hide? At what point does a jewel go from being a mere idea to becoming a beautiful reality? The process of creating a jewel is much more complex and laborious than many believe. 

The hours that a piece spends in the atelier before shining and showing off in a showcase are many, especially if it is an atelier of artisanal jewellery design such as Cervera Jewels, in which there is no room for mistakes. Everything must go perfectly, each ring, earring, necklace, and bracelet must be perfect and impeccable.

Icons that nourish handcrafted jewellery designs

The first place the jewel lives is in the mind of its creator. This jewel is born from inspiration, from the suggestion that a thing generates in the mind of the creator. And its source of inspiration, suggests and incites creation, as it happens in the art world, can come from anywhere and at any time. A jewel is a work of art and art is born spontaneously, from a halo of mystery and overwhelms and monopolizes everything.

A jewel from Cervera Jewels can be born after visiting an art exhibition. Of the need that those exposed paintings generate in our master jeweller: that of mimicking in a jewel what that painting proposes and removes to him. A jewel of Cervera can be born during a trip. It is born from the need to immortalize the smells, noises, and sensations that appear the first time you walk through a neighbourhood or a city. It is born from wanting to retain the magnetic attraction for a place and turn it into something eternal that can accompany you in your day-to-day like a jewel. One of our jewels can be born from the will to pay homage to muses, to light women, who are pure inspiration.

handmade jewellery designs

Handcrafted jewellery designs steeped in character

In the atelier of Cervera Jewels, we cannot conceive the fact of creating a jewel without it carrying our DNA and our character. Each piece that is born in our atelier, like any work of art, must talk about us, the way we understand jewellery. Each of our jewels must have the Cervera character, our personal touch, the seal of our master jeweller.

Our designs of handmade jewellery with character are designed for women with style, unique personality, free spirit and independent.  They are jewels so that they can wear them every day, ready-to-wear jewellery absolutely sophisticated, elegant and luxurious.

handmade jewellery designs

From mind to reality: from the first sketches to the jewel

After that inspirational phase, there comes a time when our master jeweller synthesizes everything he has in mind in the first sketches. In a completely traditional way, with a blank paper and a pencil. The strokes begin to give life to the future jewel. This phase of the design of handmade jewellery is delicate, it is the first time that the proposal takes shape, the first time that the jewel can be touched with the hands. Often, there are many sketches that are needed to find perfection, with that jewel that conveys exactly what we feel with the icon that inspired us. It is a meticulous work, combined with an excellent craftsmanship that gives life to the dreamed and desired jewel.

From the perfect sketch to the birth of the jewel

From the moment the final sketch is validated until the piece leaves the atelier, there are many expert hands of jewellery artisans who intervene in the process. There are those who work with the precious stones and are responsible for looking for the exact diameters and colours to dress the base of the jewel. The smelters are responsible for making the bases of the jewel with 18 kt gold. Then, you have to review those bases and polish them so that they take shine. Next, it is time for the nailers or embedders, artisans of immense skill who are responsible for putting each stone, diamond, or sapphire in the right place and in the perfect position to make it look its best. Once we have all the brilliants placed, we are close to the end of the process of designing handmade jewellery. All that remains is to polish again and pass the quality controls of the piece to ensure that it is perfect and that it can be part of the Cervera Jewels collections

If you are interested in finding out what are the collections that we are finalizing in our atelier for this autumn-winter season, do not lose sight of our blog. There will be surprises, flashes of colour and infinitely tempting jewellery.