Brightness, sophisticated colours and vitality in the Toi & Moi jewellery collection.

Intense flashes of light in warm, cool, vibrant and bright colours. Sophistication in the combination of shades: looking for the perfect match of colours and at the same time an imposing contrast. The Toi & Moi jewellery collection exudes vitality and energy, turning fine jewellery into a hymn to life and love.

The Toi & Moi jewellery collection reinvents one of the most typical pieces of traditional jewellery: the combination of two stones that meet above the finger, called toi & moi. The magic formula is colour and volume. Through a selection of precious stones such as amethysts, citrine, prasiolite, rhodolite, peridot, garnet, topaz, and quartz he achieves a unique burst of light.

The rings, earrings, and bracelets in the Toi & Moi jewellery collection are ideal for energetic, positive and vital women who shine with their light and sing of life and love.

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