With the heritage and tradition of the craft know-how of the prestigious Barcelonian jewelery, Cervera Barcelona reinterprets it into a contemporary and refined style. Cervera it is authentic jewelery: adapted to modern times and to the requirements of the customers, a free, educated, nonconformist, refined… customer that follow classic elegance but modern at the same time; built with essencial shapes with special details.

Our style is a mix of traditional values: the history, the family, the attentions to details, the love for live… We want to pass on all this concepts through our products. Our aim is to create contemporary jewels wich transmit a dream, “dream jewels”, everything hand-made in Barcelona. We are a way of thinking and acting that puts all its soul on each piece.

Always synonymous of high quality: luxury and elegance. Cervera always uses the best materials and always follows the main hand-made concept: quiality, creativity, tradition and modernity are our stong points.