Love, pastel colours and boldness in Tamo jewellery collection.

Ti amo, te amo, Tamo. Any excuse, moment, or circumstance is a good one to celebrate love. This is the premise of the Tamo jewellery collection by Cervera Jewels, intending to celebrate love every day. Tamo earrings and rings are a burst of vitality, boldness, and elegance in equal parts. The Tamo jewellery collection is a collection to be loved. It takes care of every detail to create an exquisite ensemble.

Its pastel colours, at once vibrant and sweet, invite you to embrace them. The jewellery is made of 18 kt rose gold combined with precious stones in a thousand and one colours. These delights of nacre, carnelian, agate, onyx, ruby, sapphires, rock crystal and white or brown diamonds invite you to celebrate life and to live love, whatever kind of love it may be.

The earrings and rings in the Tamo jewellery collection are available in three sizes: small, medium and large. Cervera Jewels gives life to this vintage style collection, elegant and with precious stones that give it a unique and special colour.