The FOREVER style collections are classics of jewelry with a twist!reinterpretation of jewelry pieces with “prêt à porter” touch, classics revisited to wear every and all life, ” Elegance in its purest state”.


A jewellery collection that encapsulates fantasy and eternal beauty. COCO embodies the simplicity and charm with its range of white and pink gold pieces that include Australian, Tahitian and cultured pearls. A tribute to our


We are striving for traditional and classic elegance that is also contemporary and modern. IDRIS includes handcrafted necklaces, rings and bracelets in white and pink gold. A collection inspired by the symbolism of ethnic jewellery worn by women from the Kashmir tribes.


A 100% handcrafted collection of necklaces and earrings, in a selection of diamonds and pink or blue sapphires. A subtle and harmonious combination of detail and colour.


We present the Panier collection, bracelets and rings in 18 karat gold, adorned with a central solitaire surrounded by a small basket of white diamonds. A collection of delicate jewelery, whose soft shapes exude femininity and timeless elegance.