In love

Jewelry to fall in love with, Cervera’s coolest and most casual collection.


CHIC is a collection of 18 kt gold and diamond earrings with shapes inspired by the studs of punk clothing, The earrings can be worn as a couple, alone or mismatched for a casual Rock and CHIC style!


Boho CHIC jewellery, with an original and elegant style. MASAI stands out for its combination of 18 ct pink gold with diamonds and threads in a range of colours.


Our simplest and liveliest colourful and fantasy-inspired collection. Bracelets in pink or white gold, silver, with stones and coloured sapphire. Pieces carefully crafted by our team of master jewellers at Cervera Jewels.


Luxury in love jewellery collection in vivid colours that contribute to its cool, modern and chic style. Bracelets come in a multitude of seasonal colours.