The unique style combines most representative collections of cervera brand dna :collections of jewelry pieces whose style is pure and original a unique, sophisticated style with a touch of modernity.

Luxury that reflects the ADN of the brand. ” Unique Jewelry for Unique women”


TIARA is a tribute to the Mediterranean and its colours. It combines the intensity of the sea with the firmness of the land and the vitality of its people. It captures the spectacular nature of the Mediterranean essence.


A Hug is a sign of love between two people …
Fall in love with the ABRAZO collection, a collection of 18 kt gold earrings, rings and bracelets with diamonds and white, Brown or black diamonds cut rose.


The MURSI collection is defined by its pure, delicate and sophisticated shapes, which enhance its unique style and minimalist design. Includes a range of ring and bracelet designs crafted with ethnic-inspired diamonds.