Cervera Jewels are a combination of creativity and unique artisanal and gemological know-how

At Cervera Jewels we know the importance of choosing high quality pure gemstones for our jewellery. We always seek perfection, we do not settle for the first precious stone we find with the desired colour. We keep looking, tirelessly, because although a precious stone could serve us, if we do not have the firm conviction that it is perfect, we do not decide it. Our demanding and perfectionist character encourages us to continue looking to get the perfect jewel to life in our jewellery workshop. 

We are very demanding when it comes to achieving perfection. Perhaps that yearning for perfection is what makes our collections dazzle and dazzle women around the world. We understand jewellery as an essential element in the world of fashion. Our proposals are aligned with the trends of the moment, speak of today’s haute couture and also of ready-to-wear trends.  Cervera Jewels are connected to the present and are ideal to wear every day, in every special moment, always. 

TIARA and BASE: a unique magic

This season we have presented two new collections: Tiara and Base. During the process of creating these jewels, our workshop was filled with small precious stones in the form of diamonds, sapphires, amethysts and citrines. They are not just any precious stones: they were sought with determination, chosen with delicacy, taking care of every millimetre, of their cut, being convinced that their colour was perfect, that it was what we needed to create a unique jewel. 

The bright colour of the TIARA collection

The new TIARA collection is a flash of colour like no other. Its sophisticated design was inspired by a collection of haute couture garments that played with the magic of gradients. Specifically, with yellow, green and lilac gradients. The challenge was enormous: the exclusive combination of colours of original gemstones, with their different colours and sizes, had to achieve a unique proportion, for a sophisticated result, that managed to remember the work of lace in a haute couture garment. 

On this occasion, we first define the pantone on paper, with the colour maps. The task of perfectly combining the colours, with the sizes to achieve that gradient we had in mind, required a lot of effort and dedication. When we found the final colour map, we knew it instantly. The proposal conveyed exactly what our master jeweller had imagined. Now, we had the most difficult thing: getting the stones. And with the colour map in hand, as if it were the hidden treasure map, we invested many hours in finding the perfect gemstones for the new TIARA collection. Getting the perfect colour gradient was a challenge, and we wanted to achieve it. We worked hard and we succeeded. 

Autumn-Winter 2022 Collections

Finding pink sapphires, amethysts, and yellow sapphires for the TIARA lilac design was not easy. The taste for beauty requires an enormous effort and, even so, we achieve it. To the green model, we gave life with the tsavorites and the yellow sapphires; orange with orange and yellow sapphires, citrines and mandarin garnet. The feat does not end here, you have to set the stones on the base of gold, something that only expert hands like those of the artisan jewellers of our workshop can do with such precision and delicacy, creating a bar of colours and perfect brightness. 

Autumn-Winter 2022 Collections

The unparalleled elegance of the BASE collection

This collection of Cervera Jewels seeks beauty in simplicity, in simplicity. She claims that those more basic and sober jewels can also be extremely elegant and exclusive. BASE is the ready-to-wear collection of Cervera Jewels for this season. It is a collection that combines the elegance of gold with the brilliance of unique precious stones, chosen conscientiously. Yellow, pink and blue sapphires, tsavorites, amethysts, diamonds, and topaz crown the rings and earrings of this collection. The combination of colours transmits an extraordinary sweetness, and the simplicity of the pieces allows them to combine perfectly with any other piece of Cervera’s collections.