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Welcome to the Cervera Jewels universe! Discover our signature jewellery from Barcelona. Get to know the virtuoso master jeweller behind our creations. Delve into the history of each of our collections and feel what it means to wear a Cervera Jewels earring, ring, bracelet or necklace.

Signature Jewellery: Barcelona, the epicentre of the Cervera Jewels universe

Barcelona is the cosmopolitan city where the Cervera Jewels project was born in 1992. Long before that, Xavier Cervera had been learning in the best goldsmiths’ shops in the city from his uncle, who was also a master jeweller. 

He learned to choose the best precious stones, to carefully select the purest metals and to configure the most precious alloys.

He also acquired the necessary knowledge to delicately treat all this raw material, to shape, care for and pamper it until it became unique and exclusive jewellery.

The jewels of Cervera Jewels

Xavier Cervera created Cervera Jewels intending to turning haute couture into jewellery. He is inspired by everything that surrounds him. He perceives the inexorable beauty of the environment around him and turns it into jewellery. Each of the pieces he brings to life combines the “savoir faire” of traditional jewellery with the personal touch of our master jeweller.

He is passionate about creating beauty at its best. The shapes, textures and colour combinations exude a unique personality and embrace femininity. Cervera Jewels jewels are exclusive pieces, designed to dress women in every moment of their lives and in any circumstance. They are timeless jewels. Jewels to dress stylish, free, non-conformist women. Women who are attracted to beauty, quality and luxury. Women who love elegance without ostentation. Women full of light.

The collections and styles of Cervera Jewels

Designer jewellery Barcelona

Authenticity and excellence are part of the DNA of each of our jewels. Cervera Jewels devises two new collections every year. 

The essence of our pieces follows a formula similar to that of the gold alloy. Cervera Jewels is 19% purity, 5% mystery and 76% eternity.

Our collections are classified into 4 styles. The UNIQUE style includes those jewellery collections inspired by tradition and luxury. 

They are the essence of Cervera at its best. The Abrazo, Arabesque, Mursi and Tiara collections belong to this style.  Colour lovers have an absolute weakness for the LIFE IN COLORS style.

The collections Jaipur, New Jaipur, Toi & Moi and Tamo are a pleasant and elegant burst of colour. Their bright, Mediterranean-inspired colours are incredible and their voluptuous shapes are extraordinary.

The Chic, Chic Colours, Masai, My Dreams, Twisted and New Twisted collections form the IN LOVE style of Cervera Jewels. And what do they all have in common?

Well, they are adorable, and it is infinitely easy to fall in love with them. They are the most jovial and carefree collections of our jewellery workshop. 

The last style is that of jewellery for life, those creations that are a reflection of elegance in its purest state. The FOREVER style includes the collections Camden, Coco, Petit Four, Petit Four Black, Idris, Panier and Petit Four Diamonds.

Cervera Jewels is a real jewellery atelier

Although many women dream of a tailor-made dress for a unique occasion, very few dare to dream of the possibility of haute couture jewellery. 

At Cervera Jewels we can make that dream come true: we are a jewellery atelier and our jewellery artisans create unique jewellery working according to the inherited tradition. Which women will dare to trust our atelier? The expert hands of our master jeweller Xavier Cervera create pure magic.


Designer jewellery Barcelona

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