Before the new TIARA collection

The TIARA collection of Cervera Jewels is an explosion of colour, spectacularly and Mediterranean essence. It is one of the most impressive proposals of our atelier. Tiaras are half crowns adorned with precious stones that were formerly worn by women who belonged to the nobility. These pieces symbolized nobility and femininity.

A few years ago, Cervera Jewels presented the TIARA collection, which was a success. It spectacularly does not leave anyone indifferent, for its aesthetics, for its laborious handmade confection, for its combinations of precious stones of different shapes and colours because they are exceptional and unique jewels.

new TIARA collection

The reason for the new TIARA collection

new TIARA collection

Jewellery is a work of art, and art does not warn. It comes suddenly: there is something that inspires you, and you feel the need to retain it, to shape it. And that is precisely what happened with the new TIARA collection.  Unexpected, seeing a collection of clothes that played with fascinating gradients, that played with colour with a delicious and irresistible delicacy. Xavier Cervera, the master jeweller of our firm, was captivated by these pieces of clothing and his mind began to devise a collection that reflected what he felt.

The new TIARA collection starts from the pantones of these garments and plays with three different proposals. The first is green tones, from the lightest to the darkest. The second opts for orange and ochre. The third ranges from purple to violet. With these colors and their gradients in mind and the shape of the TIARA collection, our atelier set out to create the beautiful pieces that we present to you for this season.

The meticulous process of creating the new TIARA collection

The enormous difficulty of creating the pieces of the new TIARA collection lies in choosing the right gemstones so that the rings and earrings shine to the fullest. We have had to select precious stones that fit in each of the proposed pantones, that have the correct diameter to be set in the jewel and place them in the precise and fair way so that the final degrade is perfect. The manufacture of this amazing and eternal collection is only possible thanks to the magical hands and artisanal know-how of our master jewellers. With their skill, they can create these dream jewels, as if it were a haute couture suit.

The colour maps of the new TIARA collection

Our artisan jewellers are scrupulous with their work, and their great talent and professionalism is perfectly reflected in the creative process of the new TIARA collection. The difficulty of getting the chromatic combinations of the jewels that we present to you is enormous. This is reflected in the multiple sketches and tests of the colour maps until the perfect pantone is achieved. It is not only about combining colours, but you have to combine them with the sizes of the precious stones and that makes it a puzzle of the most complicated, which only a true artist manages to perform. A perfect amalgam of pink, yellow and orange sapphires, tsavoritas, amethysts and garnet mandarin, placed to perfection.

And in our atelier we have achieved it: not once, but three. From here, the new TIARA collection is born, with delicate and fascinating gradients that make anyone fall in love. They are authentic jewels, with character, suitable to wear every day.

new TIARA collection
new TIARA collection

The embedding of the stones of the new TIARA collection

If choosing the colours and their arrangement in the ring, is a complicated and demanding task, setting the stones in the gold base requires a wonderful skill and in Cervera Jewels we can do it. It is about placing each precious stone in the place that belongs to it according to the colour map. Once placed in the space that the base structure offers, it must be set or nailed, make sure that it stays there fixed and does not move or fall. This process must be repeated with each of the dozens of brilliants that each ring and each earring of the new TIARA collection has.

Are you interested in the new TIARA collection?

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